Tuesday, June 22, 2010

make time for everything

I often hear people mention how busy they are - flat out - not with jubilation in the voice but as if they are carrying a heavy burden; or it's "How are you, keeping busy?" In 1965 experts predicted that in 20 years we'd all be working a 22-hour week and be retired by 40 because computers would take on most of the work - contrast that concept with the recent discussion at TedX in Sydney on the ongoing battle of work-life balance.

Up until 2007 this was a way of life I also subscribed to. Not only did I work full-time in a stressful role that was not really me, but then I threw myself into extra-currcicular opportunities that arose and started a business - it came to the point where i felt like - everyone wants a piece of me and I have nothing left!

It was only after having a time out in FNQ that I began to realise that this was not the journey I wanted to travel and that the quality of my life would be determined by the wise use of my time - a resource that cannot be replaced.

The tranquility of the paradise in which we lived (yes that was our home in FNQ we called it the LakeHouse) helped to mellow me out and begin to enjoy the peace and quiet of solitude - perhaps that's where i picked up my "cara calm".

It was certainly a rich blessing the time out that year and when I think that I struggled with leaving my "life" - I am glad that I just let go and trusted that all would be well - I was willing to lose my life and I ended up gaining more than I could ever imagine. I did work full-time in FNQ in private practice but the role was a lot less stressful and I discovered I enjoyed working with clients directly whilst still keeping up my advocacy skills. Our evenings were spent free of media - no phone or internet at home and @ weekends we took outings to see the natural beauty of surrounding areas.

There are many aspects of the way people of years gone by have lived their lives that I want to learn and benefit from - enjoying leisure time with family & friends, good home-cooking, gardening, living within your means not on credit and being satisfied with the simple things in life so as to be free of the consumer moshpit. I now work in a role that I really enjoy three days per week, am developing other businesses and income streams so as to create more time freedom, buy recycled goods and enjoy spending time with friends and family on a regular basis. We can create the life we want by our choices - be the change you want to see today!


  1. Great read "Cara Calm"...I'm all for it xx

  2. Well said! I agree whole-heartedly. I am one who stepped down from management nearly 2 years ago so I would have more time with my family and a better quality of life. One of the best choices I ever made.